Jake Vedder off to a good World Cup start


Earlier this month in Argentina our very own Upventur Sports athlete, Jake Vedder, competed in a World Cup race and came out with good results. After having a great qualifying run, Vedder went on to finish within the top 20 although he had a slight tumble in his first race. The road to the Olympics is only a few months away, but the young Michigan native is looking to prove he deserves a ticket to South Korea. Moreover, on the rare occasion, he gets a few hours to himself, he has recently begun to vlog for his Youtube channel.

The track at Cerro Catedral was still new to Vedder, but that did not stop him from coming in sixth place, which gave him a good advantage during his first heat. It was during that first race, however, that Vedder turned the corner with too much speed and the racer behind him clipped his board and sent him off the track. That is what happens when six bodies are flying through the track instead of the more conventional four. That is not the only fall Vedder took, his position also plummeted into the 40's, but because he is persistent, he managed to climb back up and finish 18th. Among his American teammates, he had the best qualifying run and third best finish, but this was also his first top 20 win on the big stage.


Being a competitor, Vedder is not as happy with his current standing and is laser-focused on doing better in his next competition in France. After the race, Vedder mentioned there were certain things he wanted to tweak. "I mean, I am riding super well; I just have to make a few things change, and be more consistent really," Vedder said. "I just need more experience in heat racing; that's just the biggest thing I need."

He will be focusing on becoming a consistent top 10 rider, and he already has a few ideas on how to improve his performance. "It is good to be home for two months or a month and I have put in a lot of good work in the gym, and I am just preparing for France, and I am ready to go," Vedder said.


This past race while practicing on the course he was not doing very well, but then he changed his strategy. "I was running pretty mediocre in practice, and then I studied a whole bunch of film the night before qualifications." Watching the film helped him qualify within the top 10, which gave him a big leg up in the coming races.

As a 19-year-old boardercross racer Vedder still has much to learn, and seeing as how most other athletes in boardercross hit their peak in their later 20's and early 30's Vedder is not going anywhere anytime soon. Presently, when he is not racing, he is recording and editing for his YouTube vlog. The first episode was just recently uploaded, and I do not want to spoil too much, but the vlog follows Vedder around Argentina, so check it out. Meanwhile, he will be training for his next race at Val Thorens in France, but you can keep up with his journey to the Olympics on Instagram.


"It'd be awesome to make the Olympic team. It's going to take a lot of work and a lot of things to come into place, but it's for sure still doable. And I think if anyone can make it happen I can," Vedder said.

Alejandro Medellin