Upventur Onboards New Director of Business Development

Will oversee business in the South and Central America

Denton, Texas, October 20, 2017– Outdoor startup Upventur has brought on Gabriel Killian to head the new Central and South American division. Killian, a well-known entrepreneur in the Denton area, will be in charge of all operations as well as expand the current services of the Upventur brand to that region. Having studied in Costa Rica, Killian has developed tremendous opportunities in the country, and plans to expand into other major Central and South American markets in the coming months. After studying for his master’s degree in International Sustainable Tourism, Killian is determined to execute a plan that is sustainable for the environment as well as for business.

With the title of Director of Business Development in Central and South America, Killian says, "It's really about connecting service providers that are there in the area and bringing them under the Upventur umbrella, and finding ways to mutually benefit one another.” For the immediate future, “Costa Rica will be the strategic target,” he says, “… that is definitely where we'll start, but it will naturally progress. The Latin American market is community oriented, so I am certain opportunities to expand to neighboring countries will naturally present themselves.”

Starting with Costa Rica, because of Killian’s connections, Upventur plans to build user communities that go beyond a national market, and transition into a more international company. In addition, with Costa Rica’s lush environments and gorgeous vistas, Upventur will engage with guides and bring them on as valued service providers. Now, users of the platform will be able to plan adventures beyond the borders of the United States and into new territories.

Upventur founder and CEO Craig Pettigrew said of Killian, “What we want him to do is expand our service provider offerings through Central and South America and also build out user communities. It takes our brand globally. We have a few other opportunities to expand into Europe and other areas of the world, and we need to be able to attack these markets at one time because there is a lot of cross-pollination for users and travelers that travel around the world.”


About Upventur

Based in Denton, TX, Upventur is a social startup for the adventurer in all of us. Founded in 2016 by Craig Pettigrew, Upventur gives outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists a place to connect with fellow explorers, service providers, and experts. Upventur also offers athletes, whether they are aspiring or elite in their sport, a platform to share their passion for their game and to connect with fans and fellow outdoor adventurists.  Whether you are booking a fishing trip to Falcon Lake or sharing a photo from the top of Pikes Peak, Upventur provides a platform for users to find community, gather information, and unearth new adventures, together. Together, this is our campfire story. For more information, visit www.upventur.com

About Gabriel Killian

Gabriel Killian is the Director of Business Development for Central and South America for Upventur. He’s currently based in Denton, Texas. Gabriel holds two bachelor’s degrees and a dually accredited master’s degree in International Sustainable Tourism from The University of North Texas in Denton, and Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE) in Costa Rica. Gabriel is an avid outdoorsman, and considers himself a professional hippie, using business to make the world better.

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