Introducing the PAL: a whole new light


Introducing the PAL:

A Whole New Light

A Dallas-based company has invented a modular flashlight unlike anything in the current market. Thirty Third Parallel has made a light that can operate in many different situations from wearing it as a headlamp for late-night hikes, to wielding it as a flashlight in a blackout.

With the PAL (Portable, Adaptive Lighting system) campers, hikers, trail runners and cyclists no longer need multiple types of lighting systems. PAL requires no batteries apart from the two, rechargeable lithium-ion cells and is chargeable through a micro USB port, or the wall charging station, which is free of any wires—the charger is one of six available accessories.

The accessories are as follows: headlamp mount, flashlight handle/ power pack, bike light mount, lantern, task light mount and wall charger. PAL itself has three different modes that are operated with the four buttons on the light: flood and spot modes, brightness control, SOS mode and the on/off control. It’s water and shock resistant, and has up to 15 hours of continuous use on a full charge in the low-light setting. It takes one hour to charge the PAL and one and a half hours to charge the flashlight handle/ power bank.

Photo: Courtesy of Thirty Third Parallel

Photo: Courtesy of Thirty Third Parallel

With 350 lumens of brightness in such a small package, the PAL is handy for almost any low-light situation. Cyclist with clunky lights that often require multiple batteries can purchase the bike mount for PAL and commute after dark hassle-free. The light attaches to any of the accessories via Thirty Third Parallel’s patented twist-lock design, which incorporates several elements of locking technology such as magnets to secure the light onto the attachment.

PAL is priced above your typical alkaline battery-consuming brethren, but at $89 for the base system, it is a light that can operate in multiple capacities. A Kickstarter campaign with 12 days left is close to meeting its goal of $50,000. To pre-order a PAL and light up all your future adventures visit their Kickstarter page and show them some love, or take a look at their website for more information. All Kickstarter pre-orders are expected to ship by the summer of 2018.


Alejandro Medellin