Upventur is an adventurer-owned company of athletes, nomads, adventurers and explorers.


An Adventurer-Owned Company

We are a company of athletes, nomads, adventurers and explorers. Members of our Upventur family include several Olympic hopefuls like Jake Vedder, Faye Gulini, Hagen Kearney, Tyler Wallasch and Seiji Ishii - a climbing guide and outdoor gear writer as well as a contributor to our site; just to name a few.

We prefer fresh pow beneath our boots and chalk between our fingernails, we come in to work everyday just waiting for the moment we can go explore again. Our athletes and nomads don't do this for money or fame but because they love the outdoors, they love those experiences that come rarely but are remembered always.

With Upventur we want to guide you on where to go; to teach you on what to do and what gear to bring; to give you a platform where you can talk to people that are passionate about the same things. Ultimately, Upventur wants you to go outside.