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Risk, Rewards, and Rafting
Mark Cieri 11/7/2018
Whether involving personal goals, your family, career pursuits, ambitious adventures or moment by moment decisions, the perception of risk is prevalent in our daily lives. How we process and engage ri…
Casual Conversation sparks Becky's Interest in a Never Heard of Sport
Becky Bergman 10/19/2018
Talking about our passions led to the discovery of a sport I had never heard of.
Mark's Journal: #WhatsYourUpventur - Family Members at the Beach
Upventur Community 10/15/2018
Listen in as Mark asks both his father and brother to share #WhatsYourUpventur on the beach at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. While sailing, fishing, clamming, biking, and wave riding could have been menti…
#WhatsYourUpventur | Contest Submissions
Upventur Community 10/4/2018
Some of our Team's favorite contest submissions, the ones that really tugged at our heart strings.
Corporate Update | 9/10 - 9/14 | 2018
Upventur Community 9/14/2018
We have been up to a lot this week, check it out!
Craig, Joel, and Mark have a chat about Upventur
Upventur Community 9/13/2018
Check out what they have to say, about what Upventur means to Craig, what Mark's Upventur is, and Joel talks about his childhood memories and how being outdoors help him feel connected with his late F…
Andra Dunn shares her Upventur- tell us yours!
Upventur Community 9/13/2018
Andra Dunn has conquered her fear of skateboarding, now it's time for you to conquer yours! Share with us what your upventur is with the hashtag #WhatsYourUpventur and tag us on social media!
Jim Bernard Shares his Upventur, what's yours?
Upventur Community 9/12/2018
His upventur is feeding fish with his son while Diving. Now you know his, tell us yours with the hashtag #WhatsYourUpventur - share it with us on Social Media!
Mark interviews Lindsey Behring, Rodeo Barrel Racer | #WhatsYourUpventur
Upventur Community 9/4/2018
Lindsey Behring explains her reason for pursuing barrel racing and love for horses
Corporate Update | 9/3 - 9/7 | 2018
Upventur Community 9/7/2018
We have some exciting new things happening!
Mark's Weekly Journal | #WhatsYourUpventur
Upventur Community 9/3/2018
Hear Mark describe how he hikes to places of quiet solitude to escape after an especially busy period to relax and re-energize
Welcome Yonder to the Upventur Community
Upventur Community 5/4/2018
It all started at the 2017 Summer Outdoor Retailer show when we first heard about Yonder. We manned the booth on one of the last days, and as we were explaining our platform to passers-by, someone cam…
Dispatch From The Wild Community Update: March 27
Alejandro Medellin 3/27/2018
Welcome to the first ever dispatch from the wild, where you will find all the latest news and updates from our marketing team all the way to our development team.For months now, we have been toiling a…
Upventur Partners with International Media Company Innovator
Alejandro Medellin 11/3/2017
Denton, Texas, November 3, 2017– Outdoor startup Upventur has announced a new partnership with the company Sell News to give users of the Upventur platform a way to monetize their outdoor content to i…
Cammy Wagner
Cammy Wagner 1/22/2018
[Denton, Texas] January 22, 2018– Upventur, the everything outdoor adventure company, is excited to announce a new partnership with The Kids Adventure Games™. The Vail, CO-based adventure race series…
What to do at Winter 2018 Outdoor Retailer
Alejandro Medellin 1/24/2018
There is always so much to do at the Outdoor Retailer show, between viewing the latest in jacket technology and lining up for free booze, it’s hard to stay on schedule. This year, the show has found a…