Dispatch From The Wild Community Update: March 27

Alejandro Medellin


Welcome to the first ever Dispatch From The Wild, where you will find all the latest news and updates from our marketing team all the way to our development team.

For months now, we have been toiling away in our office attempting to craft something that has not been done before, at least in the way we envision it. Sure, there are places out there where you can share an image with a friend or book a trip and maybe even read an article, but it is our devotion to a unified platform that separates Us from Them. The most important aspect, and valued commodity is the user base: you, your friends, your family and everyone else who steps foot into the great expanse of nature that has been afforded to us.

We want you to travel, explore, see, taste, and experience, but in those moments when you seek your next adventure we want to show you your next destination. With this update, we want to share what we are working on, where the platform is headed, highlight members in the community and do some giveaways. Along the way, expect the format to change and evolve. Just know, we want your feedback and we are listening.  

This is Alejandro Medellin.

Welcome to the wild.



A website with huge aspirations such as ours requires constant attention and changes. In the past month the development team has resolved over 150 bugs and added many new feautures that improve on the user experience. We have added a whole batch of new features since we launched in late January but here is a recap of our favorite additions and improvements. 

  • Users can now share articles directly to Facebook.
  • Finder image is pulled when sharing to Facebook.
  • Users are now able to create and write blogs, which can be viewed, liked and shared by other members.
  • Blogs have author cards linked to author profiles on Upventur.
  • Blog layout has changed to a list format to cleanly showcase the blog posts.
  • User blog creation has been tweaked to streamline the process. 
  • There is now a page that highlights all of our gear content such as reviews. 
  • The front page layout has changed slightly to give new users an idea of what they can expect.
  • Adventure guide pages have received a complete UI/UX makeover that makes the pages better looking and improves their functionality.
  • Commenting is now available on all articles.
  • Users will now receive email notifications when their post is liked or commented. Profile notifications are currently in development.

We are still working on developing several features that will improve the functionality of the website, and we are excited to share that with you in the coming months.





undefinedTWU Ready to Win the Campus Challenge: An Underdog Story

For one month in the fall, students on campuses across the nation spend time outside as part of a competition aimed at getting young people outside and active. The Campus Challenge is a program directed by the Outdoor Foundation—the non-profit counterpart of the Outdoor Industry Association. Students are encouraged to participate in the program by doing outdoor activities like hammocking, climbing, cycling or running among other things.




Camping Essentials Checklist, What You Should Bring

So, you have hiked a trail or two and went camping when you were younger, but now you want to experience the great outdoors again. There are all kinds of things that you need to know, like which tent to buy, whether to use a sleeping bag or sleeping mat and most importantly, how best to consume caffeine.



undefinedCamp Sleeping Methods You Should Know

Camping is an activity that is completely controlled by the weather, so it’s no surprise that your sleeping arrangements are also at the mercy of the weather. So, before you head out on your adventures make sure you are checking the weather so you can pack accordingly. Most seasoned campers have two types of sleeping setups; one for the summer and one for the winter.



undefinedNomatic Travel Bag Review

When a package arrived here at Upventur HQ Alejandro, and I were eager to tear the box open and see what goodies our friends at Nomatic sent us. Inside was the Nomatic Travel Bag, which raised over $1.5 million during its Kickstarter campaign—we also received some of their wallets, which we are currently testing. 




For all the writers out there, this is your chance to shine.

In the next Dispatch From the Wild, we will pick one blog from the community to showcase on this page. Some goodies will be sent to you as well, and we’ll pick some honorable mentions too. Show us what you got, and you just might have your writing here.

Some rules:

Only blogs that are submitted between this Dispatch From the Wild and next one are eligible to win. Blogs must be outdoor related in some way, we will let you interpret that as you wish. Just don’t stray too far off topic. Finally, have fun!

Also, if you follow us on social media and use the hashtag #upventur you can win something too. We will pick our favorite post and give you a shoutout.

To create a blog simply log on to your profile and look on the left-hand and click on the start blogging link to being.


Featured Adventure Guides

This week we want to showcase a few adventure guides that are worth checking out.



Barracudaville. St. Petersburg, Florida.




Rafting Magazine




Dan Ponciano Guide Services