Welcome Yonder to the Upventur Community

Upventur Community

undefinedIt all started at the 2017 Summer Outdoor Retailer show when we first heard about Yonder. We manned the booth on one of the last days, and as we were explaining our platform to passers-by, someone came up and spoke of the synergies between our two companies. She pulled up the app on her phone and showed us. We were excited. But, we thought to ourselves, competition is good for any business and any industry. Based on the similarities between the two companies, we began thinking of how we could work together or become one company.

Fast forward to a couple of months after that exciting* day when we learned that Yonder was looking for investment or someone to acquire them, as the owner was ready to move on to his next venture. To say this piqued our interest is definitely an understatement.  Our first thought was the users and how we could strengthen the community. We reached out and had some exploratory talks that led to where we are today.

The users of Yonder share the same interests and qualities of Upventur users, so we decided the best decision would be to acquire Yonder to merge our two cultures, which are different and yet, very similar. Our first order of business after testing the app was to address a few issues brought up by the Yonder community. To move the process along, we created the email yonder@upventur.com for users of the Yonder app to send us their bugs.

Once the issues are resolved our next order of business is to improve the experience. Send us your feedback to the same email above. Don’t hesitate. Send us your wish-list of what you want the app to become, but most importantly, tell us what you do not like. This will not be an overnight process, but we hold the community above all else in the Upventur triumvirate—content, community, and adventures.

We want to remain true to the app, and at the same time make it a better experience. It is an exciting opportunity, sure, but we believe in this, and that is worth working for. Let us help you go outdoors; the rest is up to you.

Yonder is available for download at both the Apple and Android App stores.