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Through looking and responding to so many of your contest submissions through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - so many of them touched us and truly inspired us to aspire to go great. Here are a few of our team's favorites.


Reema Hassan Kiassa

Anything outside! A few years ago I became quite ill and was always referred to by my medical condition. It infuriated me as I did not want to be defined by my disability! I made it my mission to prove to friends and family that there is more to me than 'being sick'. So I've spent the last few years chasing every thrill, jump and high and what a great journey it has been! #WhatsYourUpventur #LastManGiveaways



My entry #WhatsYourUpventur #LastManGiveaways Any #adventure #outdoors and in the water with my Vizsla, Marco.


Terry TJ Barnett

This is a picture of my dad from last spring me and him went to our local lake and did some fishing the reason this this outdoor adventure moved me is because from August to September of the year before this picture was taken he was in the hospital in a Metabolic Coma and he near died but the good man up stairs had other plans and other reasons for my dad to stay down here on Earth for a much longer time I am thankful for the doctors from all of the medical facilities my dad stayed in he now can do a lot more then with me then he could ever do but most importantly I’m thankful that he is still here with me. #WhatsYourUpventur


Jennifer Jones

White water rafting for the first time! Can’t wait to go back and do it again! #WhatsYourUpventur #LastManGiveaways


Debbie Smith

@MyUpventur had to share this one too! Who wouldn't fall in love witth Montana? @Glaciernps Glacier National Park Beautiful! #WhatsYourUpventur #LastManGiveaways


Katie Jeanious

Still processing how accurately these photos by @maddiemaephoto captured our elopement day. For us it wasn’t about the decorations, the guest lists, the planning. It was about being in nature, our favorite place, and hiking up to see sunrise with our dog. Driving all the way from Virginia with memories we’ll never forget. We had the entire mountain to ourselves to say our vows


George Hauck

#LastManGiveaways #WhatsYourUpventur The adventure is were ever this Eagle Scout takes me


We hope seeing all these contest entries will inspire you to go out find adventure - find yourself, and tell us #WhatsYourUpventur.


*None of the opinions of our team members will sway the random drawing of the contest winners. The winner will be selected with complete unbias. The purpose of this blog post is to inspire others to find and share their Upventur's.