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Corporate Update | 9/10 - 9/14 | 2018
Upventur Community 9/14/2018
We have been up to a lot this week, check it out!
Andra Dunn shares her Upventur- tell us yours!
Upventur Community 9/13/2018
Andra Dunn has conquered her fear of skateboarding, now it's time for you to conquer yours! Share with us what your upventur is with the hashtag #WhatsYourUpventur and tag us on social media!
Jim Bernard Shares his Upventur, what's yours?
Upventur Community 9/12/2018
His upventur is feeding fish with his son while Diving. Now you know his, tell us yours with the hashtag #WhatsYourUpventur - share it with us on Social Media!