Watch This Inspirational Doc About Running 100 Miles

Alejandro Medellin

Brendan Leonard a filmmaker and writer whose works have been published on sites like Outside, Backpacker and Climbing, filmed a documentary starring himself for REI.

The documentary follows Leonard and his childhood friend Jayson Sime as they train for an ultramarathon of 100 miles. The ultramarathon, known as the Run Rabbit Run 100 is hosted in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and apart from being a 102.9-mile run, it also has 20,000 feet of elevation gain. Both Leonard and his partner were not, up to that point, serious runners at all, but they decided that if they were going to make it they had to train. It was six months of running 20-plus miles every Saturday and lots of eating to keep them going. 

The documentary focuses on Leanoard's friend Sime for the most part as they tell his story of hardship and perseverance, but even through the screen, his optimistic and positive personality is contagious.

More than half of the 30-minute documentary follows them through their run and its many ups and downs. Without spoiling things, things get emotional, but it 's one of the most inspirational things I have seen in a long time. Although I can't say if they make it or not, I'll leave that up to you, the journey is worth watching.