The October Crowdfunding Report

Seiji Ishii

Kammok Bobcat

A light and versatile trail quilt


Kammok, the Austin based company best known for their hammocks, has proven success on Kickstarter. They are riding the wave with their latest release, the Bobcat trail quilt. The Bobcat uses water-resistant Downtek 600 fill-power down and water-resistant Atmos 20d nylon ripstop with sewn-through construction to provide a 45°F rating. The quilt has attachment hardware to allow integrated use with Kammok hammocks as a top quilt or under quilt. The Bobcat also includes straps to secure it to a sleeping pad and can be cinched closed at both ends via elastic drawcords.

The 84” x 54” Bobcat has a claimed weight of one pound, three ounces and includes a water-resistant, roll-top stuff sack that compresses the quilt to 7” x 6.5”. The multiple configurations, compressibility and light weight of the Bobcat renders it as a urban to backcountry, snuggle-worthy companion.

This campaign was fully funded in hours and ends on October 26th, 2018. Pledges that include the Bobcat start at $139.

Litelok Silver

A burly, flexible, and wearable bicycle lock

The Litlok Silver uses “Boaflexicore,” a composite, non-contiguous (not the same solid material all the way through), flexible band of material. This band secures in a loop by a hardened aerospace steel alloy, keyed lock. The ferrous and composite Boaflexicore is said to withstand a cutting force of 33,000 pounds, thwarting bolt cutters. The supple nature of the lock makes it easier to lock the bicycle to oddly shaped objects and aids carrying; the lock can be strapped to the frame, either coiled or straight (no bracket required), stuffed in a backpack, or worn around the waist. It also won’t rattle like standard U-locks and is much lighter, with claimed weights ranging from 1.4 to 1.8 pounds in three available lengths ranging from 20.5 inches to 33.5 inches. The locking mechanism engages in a vertical plane, making visual confirmation of locked status strain-free; this arrangement also makes linking Litlok Silvers possible (purchase options include matched keys.) Sold Secure, a British security product testing organization rates the lock at the “Silver” level of protection. For even more peace of mind, a Litelok Theft Protection policy is offered, which replaces the stolen bicycle anywhere in the world should the Litelok Silver be breached.

Pledges that earn a Litelok silver start at $79 and the campaign ends on November 2nd, 2018. The campaign has already more than doubled its original goal.

Nya-Evo Fjord 60-C Adventure Camera Backpack

A carry-on camera bag that expands for adventure use

Traveling photographers understandably want their expensive and fragile gear checked as a carry-on necessitating backpacks with limited dimensions. Often, the destination’s adventure requires more backpack volume; the same photography apparatus must go along for the ride with the added equipment necessary for outdoor activity. This predicament usually demands another camera compatible backpack.  Nya-Evo has engineered the adventure capable Fjord 60-C backpack that expands from a carry on legal 44 liters to a maximum of 60 liters, providing two functions in one bag.

An isolated top compartment with a roll top closure adds volume vertically, while an expandable (via zipper), bellows type front compartment adds depth to the pack, converting the carry-on to a legitimate gear hauler. The Fjord-60-C possesses the chops for backcountry use; the torso length is adjustable, T6-6061 aluminum suspension components, 210d main fabric with TPU laminate, YKK Aquaguard zippers, and a 4.19 pound claimed weight. A camera insert (three sizes available) houses photography gear in the main compartment, accessible through a rear zipped panel. A unique separator keeps other items isolated from the camera insert, and prevents them from falling out when the rear panel is open.

This campaign has a way to go to be fulfilled. At the time of writing, less than 25% of the funding goal was met, with a funding end date of November 21st, 2018. Pledges that include a Fjord 60-C and a camera insert start at $363.

Full Windsor Splitter

The pinnacle of backpacking cooking utensils


The Splitter is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” items. Full Windsor takes a long-handled spork (to accommodate dehydrated meal packets), and joins it with an equally long-handled spatula, to create tongs. The inherent springiness of titanium keeps the tongs operable, while the material’s lightness keeps the entire setup to 1.8 ounces. Titanium is also non-toxic, incredibly robust, corrosion-resistant and indefinitely recyclable. Full Windsor released the amazingly useful yet straightforward Muncher titanium multi-tool last year on Kickstarter, and the Splitter follows suit with an elegant and fully featured culinary accessory.  

The spatula has a serrated cutting edge, handy for checking the wellness of meats. It also has a chamfered leading edge to sneak under stubborn foods. Both spork and spatula have an easy to clean polished finish, and sandblasted handles. The joining pin is stainless steel, and the keyhole locking mechanism allows reversal for packing flat. If the Splitter reproduces the same standards as the Muncher (which I’ve tested), fit and finish will be superior.

This campaign was fully funded almost immediately and ends on November 8th, 2018. Pledges that earn a Splitter start at $39.