Cairn is the Subscription Box for Gear Nerds and Outdoorists

Alejandro Medellin

undefinedCairn is a subscription box that delivers quality outdoor goods monthly from premium brands like Cotopaxi and Hydro Flask. For gear nerds like myself, this idea seems like a monthly happy birthday treat.

It is hard to keep up with all the subscription box companies out there that cater to every possible niche and sub-culture. There are boxes for video games, geek culture, men’s lifestyle, shaving, make-up and every other thing imaginable. Cairn, however, is the box for the outdoors and those of us who consider themselves gear nerds. For $30 a month, Cairn will send subscribers 5-6 items worth around $50 according to their marketing. There are two other payment plans, that discount the boxes, but charge customers all at once. The price for a six-month subscription is $169, while the 12-month subscription is $330—with the former, a customer saves $10, and $30 with the latter.

For those who do not mind spending extra coin, Cairn also has a subscription for a premium box that arrives quarterly and comes with some of the most coveted products in the outdoor industry. The Obsidian box retails for $250 and comes only four times a year. Previous Obsidian boxes shipped with down jackets, sleeping bags, Biolite stoves, and other high-dollar items. This month, the Spring Obsidian box ships and quantities are limited.

The author’s box is on the way, but before it gets here, I wanted to highlight their gamification system. There are several things you can do on the Cairn website that will net you some points, which can then be used to buy Cairn gear or to pay for a future Cairn Box. By filling out your box preference you get 20 points, and they ask questions from outdoor activities you enjoy to clothing sizes and date of birth. Once you get your first box, you can then review the products you received and earn even more points. Once you have 250 points, there are a few options you can choose from.

undefinedI will have a review of the box contents once it is in my hands, so come back and look out for that piece. Obviously, I can’t say you should get it just yet, but as someone who has been a subscriber to other monthly boxes, this box is one I am eagerly waiting for.

All images via Cairn