Cairn Trailhead Unboxing

Alejandro Medellin


We recently wrote about Cairn, and before we ever received a box, we loved the idea. Now, two weeks after subscribing to the monthly box we have it in our hands, and it is even better than we thought.

Instead of receiving the March box I opted for the Trailhead box, which came with a product from one of my favorite outdoor brands. The Trailhead box is for new subscriber’s only—write TRAILHEAD in the promotions box upon checkout—and the items it comes with do have a wide range but are nonetheless fun and useful.

This first one is not a product for the outdoors, but instead, about the outdoors. Slipstream, hails itself as the Netflix for adventurers, and it carries films for everyone from climbers to snowboarders. The premise is simple, pay $5 a month and get unlimited access to the kind of content Netflix does not have. The Cairn Box comes with a three-month subscription, so make sure you watch all the award-winning documentaries.

undefinedNatti bar was the second product, and it was a unique culinary experience. While it may not have been my cup of tea, the product does have its merits. It is all natural, and the one I had was made up of only bananas. The color was a dark brown, and it was a bit on the dry side, but it was also nutritious and sweet. I would rather buy one of the brands of nutrition bars, but it was already there.  

undefinedI own more than a few insulated bottles like Polar’s excellent 21 oz. stainless steel model and the ones that I use for coffee have a sort of patina that I just can’t get rid off no matter how hard I try. I tried the Bottle Bright on the Hydro Flask Rocks—stained brown from countless cups of coffee or whiskey—and it worked. Once I dropped a tablet into hot water, I left it soaking for a few hours, and when I rinsed the cup, it looked brand new. The amazing thing is that the package has so many tablets, so take full advantage and clean up all those dank bottles. I am a bit amazed at how well it works. Before the Bottle Bright, I had violently scrubbed the tumbler, and all I got was a sore wrist.



Finally, the pièce de résistance, and the item I was anticipating the most: a Luzon 18L pack from Cotopaxi. Their packs are known to come in eccentric colorways because of their commitment to recycling material, but the colors on this particular pack surprised me. I have seen plenty of Luzon packs, but never one with a grid pattern like the one I received. Several people in the office who own the Luzon were a bit jealous, after all, it is most likely exclusive to Cairn subscribers. The bag came packed into itself by way of a small pocket, but once it unfurled, it revealed a pack with tons of space that, although minimal, exceeded all my expectations. Of course, a review is on the way soon. 

Though this is just the first one of many Cairn boxes, this one already set the bar high, and the whole office is excited to see what they send next. To put things into perspective, the Cotopaxi Luzon is $40 on its own, while the whole Cairn box was $10 cheaper and came with other items. Whether you need the items or not, for $30—the price some people pay for merino-wool socks—the Cairn box delivers a monthly surprise with useful items way below retail price.

Next month we will do another unboxing like this one, so don’t forget to come back.