Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack Review

Avery Dufilho


 Travis County, Texas Mia Alfonso wearing her Cotopaxi Allpa travel Pack. Photo credit: Avery Dufilho 

During the Summer of 2017 Cotopaxi announced a new bag that would change the way that you travel: the Allpa 35L Travel Pack. Cotopaxi announced the new project on Indiegogo and once it was all said and done the project raised over $1.3 million. Having owned a Cotopaxi pack already—the Luzon 18L—I was super excited to get my hands on the pack. When it finally arrived, it did not disappoint.  

The Allpa was a significant upgrade from the 15L Nike gym bag I had previously been using for camping and travel. The Allpa offers so much space and can pack down everything that you need while keeping everything organized. On the right is the main compartment that can hold enough clothes for a weekend getaway, while on the left is one medium compartment for any extra clothing. Above that are two small zippered pockets that are designed for any small accessories as well as the bag's rain cover. On the outside, at the top of the bag, is another pocket designed to keep your essentials like passport, phone, wallet and keys all in reach. 

With heavy-duty, TPU coated 1000D polyester and 1680D ballistic nylon paneling this pack can take a beating. After a few trips back home and a handful of camping trips, the pack still looks like it just came out of the box. Along with that, the Allpa comes with a bunch of cool small features like: 

  • Anti-theft loops at the end of all external zippers 
  • A carrying handle on each side of the bag 
  • Tethering loops, so you can tether your bag to a fixed point 
  • A breathable back panel 
  • Tuck-away waist belt and shoulder straps 
  • A quick access zip to get into the main compartment 
  • The Allpa also has optional accessories you can get:  
  • A mesh laundry bag 
  • A nylon shoe bag  
  • A detachable water sleeve 
  • The Batac 15L daypack 

The Batac is a collapsible backpack that was designed to be paired with the Allpa for day hiking or casual outings. The Batac packs down into the Allpa so that you have a day pack ready whenever you need one.

woman wears backpack

Photo Credit: Avery Dufilho

I absolutely love the Allpa, and it has exceeded all my expectations. The space that the Allpa offers is incredible. You can fit anything and everything you could possibly need for any trip. In addition, the way the Allpa is compartmentalized makes packing and staying organized a breeze. Also, the pack fits well and is comfortable to wear. However, my favorite feature of the Alpa pack is the tuck-away waist belt and shoulder straps. The waist belt and shoulder straps tuck behind the back panel turning the Allpa into a suitcase. With the straps out of the way, the pack is easier to store in places like overhead compartments, under a seat, or in tighter spaces.  

As far as dislikes go, there aren’t that many. The only drawback is the colorways, or the lack thereof. As of now, there are only two colorways; blue and black. Other than that, there is nothing I dislike about this bag.  The Allpa itself has a retail price of $169.95, the Allpa and its accessories are $179.95, and the complete Allpa bundle with the accessories and the Batac 15L Pack is $199.95.  


Photo Credit: Avery Dufilho

Compared to other travel packs on the market the Allpa, in my opinion, is the best travel pack that you can get for the money that you spend. Especially if you decided to get the Allpa bundle. The addition of the collapsible Batac takes the Allpa to the next level since you don’t have to lug around all your belongings once you get to your destination.  

Cotopaxi wasn’t exaggerating when they called it the ultimate travel pack because the Allpa is now my go-to bag, whether I’m going out for a weekend of camping, visiting family back home, or going on vacation. And, while I’ve only had it for a few months and have only taken it out a hand-full of times, I still believe that this bag can answer all your travel needs.