Heroclip Launches New Product on Indiegogo, Surpasses Goal

Alejandro Medellin

Heroclip’s latest Indiegogo campaign has, as of the time of writing, surpassed its initial goal of $30,000 by 200 percent—the campaign has raised $63,304 so far. These two new products are similar to the flagship Heroclip, but they differ in size and pattern design. Heroclip said in their Indiegogo campaign video that these two features were the most requested from the community.

Heroclip is not new to the crowdsource game after having raised $139,000 for their initial launch back in 2015—they surpassed their goal by almost 500 percent. The brand was previously known as Lulabop, and their product was known as the Qliplet—it wasn’t until after their launch that they changed their name. While we haven’t yet had the chance to review it, the product does have amazing reviews from most outdoor publications, and it’s only $20 at their online store. Heroclip can also be found at retail stores like Ace Hardware and Brookstone.

"We are so thrilled with how the crowdfunding community has responded to us for our third campaign,” said Heroclip founder and CEO, Mina Yoo. “We think people are really craving clever, innovative solutions to everyday problems, and we are very grateful as their support is absolutely critical to our ability to grow as a company and to continue bringing innovative solutions to market."

Heroclip’s key features are the hook and rubber tip, which allows one to hang bags, backpacks, bottles and lots of other objects, from just about anything. The hook also has a 360-degree swivel, which allows it to hang from tricky surfaces. The Heroclip embodies the design of a traditional carabiner, and while it’s not for climbing, it still clips onto your backpack or luggage.


New colorways for the Heroclip small and mini, respectively. Images: courtesy of Heroclip

The standard Heroclip is 3.75 inches in height and weighs 2 ounces; the small Heroclip is 3 inches in height and weighs 1.1 ounce; the mini is 2.3 inches in height and weighs .07 ounces—the carrying capacity is 60, 50, and 40 lbs, respectively. Both new Heroclips now come painted with assorted colors and patterns for backers who want to show off. The new sizes may be smaller and more colorful, but they still have the same functionality as their predecessor.

Yoo had the idea for the product after she took a trip to Mt. Rainier and she realized she couldn’t carry all her gear. As an entrepreneurship professor, she began to build on her idea and brought on some people to help her. Now, they have crowdsourced over $200,000 and have become an essential component of everyone’s gear setup.

The Indiegogo campaign still has plenty of time left, and it’s safe to say it will keep on growing with every day that passes. And there are plenty of good deals for gearheads like myself. Backers have tons of options to choose from, but the best one is three Heroclips—small or mini—for $45. Orders will begin shipping in August.