Knife Review: Gerber Paraframe I-TI Serrated

Alejandro Medellin


All images were taken by author.

Three weeks ago, Alejandro walked into Upventur with a box from Cairn. Inside that box was a ton of awesome gear, and right then and there I knew that I needed this subscription box in my life. So, later that day I signed up, and a week later I got my box of goodies from Cairn. Inside was something that I would never have thought I would need in my life: a pocket knife.

Specifically, I got the Gerber I-TI serrated pocket knife. I never thought I would need to carry a pocket knife every day, but after having this knife for a few weeks, I can’t leave home without it. The Paraframe I is a minimalistic lightweight knife, made of high-carbon stainless steel. With a 3.01 inch blade and only 4.8 inches when closed, this knife comfortably fits into your pocket. Plus, the added pocket clip makes it easy to access whenever you need it.

I have never owned an everyday carry knife, so while I don’t have much to compare this knife to, some features make this knife stand out. For starters I love the weight of the knife, which is 4.2 ounces, it has just the right amount of weight to let you know that you are holding something. I also like the combination of having a flat grind and serrated blade, which comes in handy when trying to cut things other than boxes.

While the pros of this knife are great, it does come with its own set of cons. For starters, this knife is designed for both left and right-handed people. Because of this, there is a thumb stud on both sides of the blade, which makes putting your hands in your pocket while carrying the knife uncomfortable. I know this may seem nit-picky, but I tend to put my hands in my pockets a lot while walking around and don’t like having my hands scratched up because of it.


Another problem with this knife is how stiff it is at first. The knife is designed to be opened with one hand, but out of the box, the pivot joint is way too stiff. I tried to loosen the pivot joint by unscrewing it just a hair, but I noticed that in doing so it would cause the locking mechanism, which is a frame lock, to fail. Which means the only way to loosen the blade is by breaking it in. It took a few days of continually flipping open the knife to wear it down a little, and while it still is a bit stiff I can now open it with one hand, but it does take a hard flick.

I personally never thought that carrying a knife every day would be something I needed, but the benefits of having one are incredible. Overall this knife gets the job done and is a great starter knife for anyone looking for an everyday carry, but I will definitely be upgrading soon.