My Love Affair with Hydro Flask's True Pint

Alejandro Medellin

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I am in love with my pint glass, and it’s not the kind of pint glass you’re thinking of; the glass drinkware commonly seen at bars. I am talking about the most significant piece of drinkware ever designed for camping, tailgating, and basically just everyday living. I present you the last vessel your lips will ever touch, the Hydro Flask True Pint.

I first heard about it from Joe Jackson, the gear guy for Outside Mag, and he absolutely loved it, so after searching on the Hydro Flask website, I found that a local Natural Grocer’s carried it. I bought the Kiwi colorway, and I never looked back. For $25 I got a truly remarkable cup, and a few months later while at OR, Hydro flask held an event where they sold the True Pint for $10 with beer inside it. Now they rest on my kitchen counter stacked, where they are used continuously throughout the day.

This lightweight, stainless steel, powder-coated pint is not only well-made but also expertly designed. It weighs close to 8 ounces, and it feels lighter than it should be. You would think that most drinkware is designed for people to drink from them, but the True Pint puts other pints to shame. The beveled lip allows for maximum sippage™ without any spilling, and it feels great. Another design element, which I noticed after months of use, is the beveled bottom, which has the perfect indentation/dimple for your pinky to rest as you down another brew. The powder coating—standard in all Hydro Flask products—makes the True Pint soft to the touch, but also grippy; it also protects your hands from the temperature of the liquid. Apart from its simple and elegant design, there is no condensation—one of my glassware pet peeves

undefinedThis is the only Hydro Flask that neither comes with a lid nor does it need one, although you can buy one if you wish. Cold drinks stay cold and hot drinks stay hot. Simple as that. Hot drinks do tend to cool down eventually, but this thing is for beer, and beer is never hot—never ever. I use it in the morning for iced coffee; for ice water during lunch; soda for dinner; and for beer all the time. Before I had a True Pint—the dark ages of sippage™—I poured beer in all kinds of pints and beer glasses I bought from bars, but living in Texas, those beers never stayed cold and crisp. Now, I can leave my beer unattended for as long as I wish—not that I do—and when I come back, it is as cold as I when I left it. I use this so much that my entire drinkware cabinet has been collecting dust for the last six months.

Just this past weekend I took the True Pint to a crawfish boil, and I was glad I did too since it was the first warm weekend in North Texas this year. As I crushed tails and ripped off the heads of delicious, briny Louisiana-imported crawfish, my beer—La Fin Du Monde—was always cold enough to slurp down those spicy morsels of seafood. That’s the thing about this product; you can travel anywhere with it. I would be an idiot if I traveled with glassware, but you can put the True Pint anywhere, and it weighs almost nothing. Never again will you have to drink from a solo cup, friends and fellow beer aficionados, that is a Hydroflask promise.

The only thing I dislike about this product is that I went a whole 24 years before I was able to use it. Shame on you Hydro Flask.

undefinedLet me just paint a quick picture of how much I appreciate the Hydroflask Line of products. The True Pint was the gateway cup, but now in our household, we own two True Pints, one Rocks Tumbler for whiskey, one water flask, and a coffee flask. Hydro Flask makes simple, functional products that you will use in multiple ways for multiple occasions. I hate to be a pretentious gear nerd, but I’ve gone as far as taking this to family events and even a Super Bowl party because it’s just so damn good at what it does. If you drink liquids, this cup is for you—non-liquid drinkers will be disappointed.