Nomatic Minimalist Wallet Review

Alejandro Medellin


All photos were taken by author

There are wallets like the big, leather wallets that make imprints on denim jeans, or Velcro wallets similar to the Dallas Maverick’s one I had when I was in middle school. There are offshoots of the wallet too, like money clips, Trayvax-style metal frame wallets, and countless others, which populate the pages of men’s lifestyle websites.

Today, I am reviewing the Nomatic Minimalist wallet, which actually lives up to its name. There is no doubt that here at Upventur, we do enjoy our Nomatic products like their amazing backpack to their travel bag, but before they were the bag-maker they are today, they began with a simple, unassuming wallet. In their first Kickstarter as Basic, as they were known back then, they raised $174,000, surpassing their goal by a country mile—the original goal was $10,00. Since then, they have shipped 100,000 wallets, changed their name, and pivoted to bags.

undefined The wallet itself, when it is empty, is thin but it does not lack on features. My old wallet, the very well-made Wally from Distil Union, was also minimal, but the bi-fold design and money clip were features I seldom used, especially since cash is not something I usually carry. I went with just the essentials, Identification card, credit and debit card on one side, and for the other side I placed some business cards and my insurance card. The beauty of this wallet is that unlike other slim wallets, this has two pockets, which can divide your card load. The more critical cards go in the main pocket, which has a leather tongue that, when pulled, slides the cards out of the pouch.

Together I have less than ten cards that I carry, but their recommended capacity is 15. CEO of Upventur, Craig Pettigrew, who was at first curious about the wallet, is now an avid supporter of the product, and he packed his wallet to the max. My setup, though, is much thinner and fits in my front pocket instead of my back pocket. This is a significant change for me, and I am constantly patting my back pocket out of habit, thinking I have lost it. I do welcome the change for the most part, and it is highly unlikely that the wallet will slip out of my front pocket. It fits perfectly in my pocket, and it’s so slim that it slides out easily from even the trickiest jean pockets.

As mentioned before, I don’t carry cash, but Nomatic included a sort of workaround for those who still rely on greenbacks, or simply need it for purchasing elotes. The bottom of the wallet has a hidden pouch for keys or cash, but the cash needs to be folded to stay hidden. I carried around a few folded bills there to try it out, and it worked fine, the pocket remains tight to prevent money from sliding out.

undefinedJust to recap here, the wallet is great, and affordable too at only $20, but it is the wallet’s slim profile minimalist design that makes it a worthy pick. Other folks who carry loads of cash may find themselves disliking this wallet, and also people who don’t want to minimalize their card selection. Some apps can store loyalty cards, but if you can’t or don’t want to carry fewer cards, this wallet could be a problem. At this point, I am not going back to my old wallet because this one is just so simple, so basic.