Nomatic Travel Bag Review

Avery Dufilho


All photos taken by author

When a package arrived here at Upventur HQ Alejandro, and I were eager to tear the box open and see what goodies our friends at Nomatic sent us. Inside was the Nomatic Travel Bag, which raised over $1.5 million during its Kickstarter campaign—we also received some of their wallets, which we are currently testing. We were so excited to explore all the features that this bag had there was just one problem; we could not open it. No matter how hard we looked, we could not find the opening to the main compartment. It took us ten minutes of diligently searching that we finally found the main compartment, and after laughing at ourselves we explored everything this bag had to offer.

Overall, Nomatic has a great product here. A sleek design on the outside hides an excess of impressive features all of which are designed to help you stay organized while you travel. These features include:


The laundry bag used with the Nomatic, sold separately. 

  • An innovative strap system to easily switch between a backpack and duffle bag
  • A collapsible laundry bag
  • Built-in water bottle pocket
  • Built-in shoe compartment
  • Laptop and tablet sleeves
  • RFID Safe pouch that comes with a TSA padlock
  • Fleeced lined pockets for valuables
  • Constructed from waterproof materials
  • Fits on a roller bag handle

One thing that stood out to me was just how much I could fit in this bag. I was able to fit all the clothes I needed for a weekend plus an extra change or two, an extra pair of shoes, two text books, three notebooks, and my laptop. I was also really impressed with how organized the pack is designed to be, each pocket has a purpose, and the placement of the pockets on the bag makes sense. There is a pocket for everything, and it comes with a handy guide to show you all of its secrets.


The bag stays in this perfect rectangle, which not only helps when bringing it as a carry-on but if you are like me and do most of your traveling on the road then having easy shapes helps packing up the car much easier. However, my most favorite feature with this bag is the collapsible laundry bag. Everyone hates packing up to head back home from a trip, taking all your dirty clothes and just shoving them into your bag and wondering how you got everything in there the first time. That is where the laundry bag shines, just toss your dirty clothes in and zip it up then it fits perfectly into the main compartment.  

There were a few things that I did not like about the bag though. To start off, this bag is heavy when it is packed up, so definitely use the waist straps when you have a lot packed in the bag. We did not get the waist straps, which are removable from the bag when we received the bag so I can’t say how well they work but they are definitely needed. I was also disappointed when my laptop did not fit in the designated laptop sleeve. I have a 15.6” Acer Aspire laptop, and it is just a little too big to fit in the sleeve.


While the ability for the bag to transition between backpack and duffle bag is a cool feature, it was not something I enjoyed doing. Wearing it as a backpack was easy, I just adjusted the straps to fit, and I was all set, but wearing it is a duffel was cumbersome, and at times, uncomfortable too. One last gripe is that the shoulder straps remain out and don't tuck back into the bag as they do on the Nomatic Backpack. 

Despite all this, the Nomatic Travel Bag is awesome. It made traveling less of a hassle, and it was able to hold everything that I needed. I can say that this bag should be at the top of anyone’s list when they are looking for a travel bag that can do it all because it really can. If the Nomatic Travel Bag does not replace your current travel standard, it will come pretty damn close. And recently they created a new Kickstarter campaign for their two new bags—a laptop, and messenger bag, which we wrote about earlier in January.