This Overbuilt 5-in-1 Tool Will Handle Just About Anything

Alejandro Medellin

Two former Isreali Defense Forces soldiers have created a 3-in-1 multi-tool called the Combar and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has already met its goal of $55,000 and has surpassed it—currently, it stands at $88,000.

The Combar comes with an ax, hammer and spade, but the pro version includes a knife and saw, which fit inside the base of the tool’s handle. Even with all five tools, the Combar weights 3.2 pounds thanks to its use of lightweight materials like aircraft aluminum and titanium. The tool, according to founders Uni and Adiv, was designed according to U.S. military specifications. Those who wish to test this tool beyond its intended use will be happy to know that Aclimb8—the name of the company selling the Combar—offers a lifetime warranty.


Image via the Combar Kickstarter page.

This lightweight tool is multi-purpose, and will no doubt entice people in the bush crafting and backpacking communities, but for everyday use, or regular camp use, it carries an exorbitant price. All early bird prices are long gone by now, but they are still available for purchase on Kickstarter. For the paltry sum of $359 you can be the owner of the Combar—will retail at $499—but $579, also known as a king’s ransom, will net you a Combar Pro with case and holster, which comes with a knife and saw—will retail for $999.


Image via the Combar Kickstarter page.

All 154 current backers can expect to receive their Combar in December of this year. The Kickstarter has 52 days to go with no stretch goals, and all Combar’s are 40 percent off for the duration of the campaign.