Upventur 2017 best of: Digital Content

Jimmy Banish

These are some of the people and accounts we enjoyed watching this past year. Big following or small these travelers inspired us to get out more and experience the world. We hope that they inspire you to travel as well, and let us know in the comments who your travel inspiration was. Sit back, enjoy our picks and don't forget to share.



Image from: Roamaroo Instagram

Travel couple Collette and Scott are dedicated world travelers who are making the most out of every opportunity they encounter. Follow their journey around the world and back through their informative videos, posts and motivating social channels. Utilize Roamaroo’s content to help you plan your next trip with ease.

@roamaroo    www.roamaroo.com

Taylor Cut Films


Image from: Taylorcut Films

YouTube sensation Jordan Taylor Wright is a staff favorite of ours because of his cinematic videos that draw you in and transport you all around the world. Jordan’s eye and editing skills is something truly unique and is worth every second of your time to take all his projects in.

@taylorcutfilms         www.taylorcutfilms.com

Wild Ideas Worth Living

undefinedImage from: Wild ideas worth living

Shelby Stanger has become a break out sensation with her refreshing and inspiring podcast, Wild Ideas Worth Living. This genuine podcast interviews some of the most extraordinary people doing some pretty amazing things. Download a podcast and pop it on during your morning commute and broaden your perspective on the world.

@wildideasworthliving          www.wildideasworthliving.com       

Case of the Nomads


Image from: Case of the nomads instagram

Casey Sheppard is the is truest definition of a Nomad. Casey's content is original, practical and relatable. Keep with her next adventure as she tours the 3000km Aotearoa trail in New Zealand over the course of 30 days. Bike, backpack, repeat.

@caseofthenomads   www.caseofthenomads.com

Go Live Explore

undefinedImage from: Go live explore Instagram

Go, live and explore with Alicia Haque as she entices you with her travel, style, beauty, food and fitness experiences. Alicia’s diverse content presents a well-rounded approach to staying up to date with our fast-paced lifestyle and is always presenting great things to try and do.

goliveexplore.com          @alicia_haque