Quit using single-use straws with this new Kickstarter

Avery Dufilho

Say good bye to single use plastic straw thanks to the creation of Final Straw, a reusable straw. The Kickstarter, which still has 24 days to go, has already crushed its goal of $12,500 raising $515,655.

Final Straw is a collapsible straw designed for everyday use. The motivation behind Final Straw is to stop the use of one time use straws. Final Straw itself is made out of stainless steel tubing and medical grade TPE material on the inside. If you back the final straw on Kickstarter you also get a case that the straw fits into which easily fits into your pocket or purse and can even be attached to your key chain. Along with the case comes a custom-made squeegee, which fits into the case, that makes cleaning your straw easy.


The Final Straw is made for everyone and can be used everyday whether it’s with you Starbucks coffee in the morning, or with your reusable travel cup., the Final Straw is a great idea for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint weather you’re just using it every day or out while traveling. Right now, the Final Straw is on sale for backers for $20, 33% off the retail price of $30.  The Final Straw offers a life time warranty and if you’re not satisfied with the Final Straw send it back and they will recycle your straw into new products.

Currently there are 11,128 backers for the Final Straw with 24 days left in the project. Backers can expect their Final Straws to be shipped to them in November of this year.