Havasu Falls Booked for 2018

Alejandro Medellin


As of the time of this writing, there are only a few reservations left to camp at Havasu Falls in Arizona from here until the end of the year. Those who did not save the Feb. 2 date will now have to wait until next year to have the chance to book a reservation. There are still some days available this month, but it seems that peak season is March to October.

The clear waters of the beautiful waterfall attract thousands of visitors every year, but because the land belongs to the Havasupai tribe, all visitors must make a reservation. The reservations to camp start at $140 for the first night, and it requires a grueling 10-mile hike in the Arizona heat. They recommend that guests be physically fit and carry with them lots of water, sunscreen and sun hat.

After failing to reach two of the phone numbers they list on their website after 15 tries, it seems that people are still calling in to book. Their web reservations show that there are still some days left to book in February, but it may be that people like to visit in later months.

The waterfall sits on land owned by the Havasupai tribe, so anybody without a reservation will be turned back. The tribe relies on the tourism, with 20,000 people visiting the falls every year. A recent book written by Southwest Editor of Backpacker Magazine, Annette McGivney, goes into detail about the tribe.

Although the rest of the year looks fully booked, it might be time to mark Feb. 2, 2019, as a day to call in sick to work and grab a spot for next year.