NOMATIC Announces New Laptop and Messenger Bag

Alejandro Medellin

Not a company to sit and wait around, Nomatic has announced two new products on Kickstarter mere months after their backpack and travel pack broke $2 million in crowdfunding. The company debuted a teaser video on their two new products, the Nomatic messenger and laptop bags.

"...our customers love the backpacks, but we were still receiving a lot of requests for a messenger bag. So we thought it was time to give those who love shoulder carry the bag of their dreams!," wrote Nomatic Marketing Director, Jon Burgoyne, in an email.  "Our company tagline is: 'Life On The Move' and we definitely take this to heart." Burgoyne also mentioned in the email that the company would continue to release new products throughout the year, and that--according to him--it would be a "fun year." 

Nomatic, previously known as Basics, first began on Kickstarter with a simplified wallet and then moved on to making a journal and planner. After reimagining stagnant products, Nomatic then moved on to the bag industry, where they found immediate success. Their first bag, the Nomatic Travel bag, was innovative and simple enough that the product blew up on Kickstarter back in 2016—this made history as the most crowdfunded bag ever.  However, last year, instead of waiting around for profits to come in, they got back to work and announced their backpack and travel pack—we tried the former, and it was one of our favorite products last year, which you can read about here.

The three bags that Nomatic currently have on the market prioritize efficiency, and have more conveniently-placed pockets than things to store. The backpack and travel pack come with three separate interchangeable panels that can store technology, files or shoes—depending on the panel. With a water-resistant outside shell and smartly designed insides, it would be a shock if the new products did not resemble the old. From watching the video, it is clear that some design elements have carried over from last year’s iterations. It seems that, what is most likely the laptop bag, has adjustable cubicle slots similar to a camera bag for storing items like lenses.

Now, founders Jacob Durham and Jon Richards, are continuing their Kickstarter streak with these two new products, which are bound to grab the attention of bag-junkies like myself. So far, the video does not provide any information on price or release date, but it does offer a brief glimpse of the bag.  To get early bird pricing and to know when the Kickstarter campaign launches, subscribe to the email newsletter on their product page.  

UPDATE: 2/8/18 A previous version of this article did not have a quote from Nomatic. The article has been updated to include that quote.