Press Release - 1/10/2018

Upventur to Host Party for Launch on First Day of Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver

January 10, 2018 (DENTON, TX)

Party to Include Prominent Brands and Industry Influencers

Upventur is set to launch its platform in Denver, Colorado on Jan. 24 during the 2018 Outdoor Retailer’s Winter Show. A party hosted at Little Machine Brewery located at 2924 West 20th Avenue in downtown Denver, will take place the night of the 24th for a limited number of guests. Content creators such as writers, bloggers, vloggers, photographers and videographers are welcome to attend. To receive an invitation, fill out the required form and wait for a verification email. Upventur expects to have a full house, and invitations will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

Upventur staff will be at the venue to talk to any aspiring or established content creators willing to create content for the Upventur brand. CEO and founder, Craig Pettigrew, will be present to make a speech about the company moving forward. Others are expected to speak as well.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the Upventur team as well with other industry partners throughout the event. The night will be topped off with local food trucks dishing up some of Denver’s best street food and an opportunity to indulge in Little Machine’s on tap selection. Throughout the night there will be giveaways with gear from some of Upventur’s partners, as well as Upventur branded merchandise.

For additional information or invitation inquiries for the event, please contact Jimmy Banish at

About Upventur

Based in Denton, TX, Upventur is a social startup for the adventurer in all of us. Founded in 2016 by Craig Pettigrew, Upventur gives outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists a place to connect with fellow explorers, guides, and experts. Upventur also offers athletes, whether they are aspiring or elite in their sport, a platform to share their passion for their game and to connect with fans and fellow outdoor adventurists.  Whether you are booking a fishing trip to Falcon Lake or sharing a photo from the top of Pikes Peak, Upventur provides a platform for users to find community, gather information, and unearth new adventures, together. Together, this is our campfire story. For more information, visit