Press Release - 11/3/2017

Upventur Partners With International Media Company Innovator

November 3, 2017 (DENTON, TEXAS) – Outdoor startup Upventur has announced a new partnership with the company Sell News to give users of the Upventur platform a way to monetize their outdoor content to interested parties. The technology of Sell News will be integrated into the Upventur platform at a yet undisclosed date. Sell News has a global reach in over 90 countries, and all 7,000 of its users, along with the growing Upventur community, will be able to protect and monetize their content. The partnership came because of the mutual respect both companies have for each other.

Upventur founder and CEO, Craig Pettigrew, had this to say about the partnership, “It is going to give us a unique offering to ambassadors and athletes to be able to provide content and monetize content through our social media platform. It is unique, and it is a go-to-market strategy that will be great for acquiring users for us.”

Users of the Upventur platform can now add to their adventure experiences by being able to sell pictures and videos to media publications in need of content. Sell News does not charge its users for selling their content, but in turn, charges the purchasing party. Upventur plans to offer this feature to all users free of charge with a simple click of a button. Upventur may even, in certain occasions, purchase content from Upventur users and display it prominently on articles, blogs or social media posts. Upventur Sports, a subsidiary of Upventur, plans to use this for its athletes by encouraging them to protect and sell their content. Sell News will create an Upventur hub on their page to encourage users to upload content pertaining to the outdoors. This new partnership will allow users to share anything, from camping photos to breaking news, to hundreds of publications and agencies.

Sell News founder and CEO, Slawomir Rybarczyk, said, “I am really happy about this partnership. It is an opportunity for both sides to really be able to work together and benefit from each other. Upventur brings a huge amount of possibilities with the outdoor community. We are excited to expand our reach of users and integrate our services and platform to a multi-billion dollar industry.”

About Upventur

Based in Denton, TX, Upventur is a social startup for the adventurer in all of us. Founded in 2016 by Craig Pettigrew, Upventur gives outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists a place to connect with fellow explorers, service providers, and experts. Upventur also offers athletes, whether they are aspiring or elite in their sport, a platform to share their passion for their game and to connect with fans and fellow outdoor adventurists. Whether you are booking a fishing trip to Falcon Lake or sharing a photo from the top of Pikes Peak, Upventur provides a platform for users to find community, gather information, and unearth new adventures, together. Together, this is our campfire story. For more information, visit

About Sell News

Sell News is a startup company based in San Francisco, and they have been active since January of 2017. Sell News connects photographers and media agencies within seconds allowing amateur or professional photographers to sell their content from their phones, and to protect their content from being used illegally. The Sell News platform always sides with the photographer and their automated photo, and video platform simplifies the licensing process for the user. To learn more about the Sell News platform visit