Become a Upventur Nomad

The Upventur Nomads are passionate content creators that are always on the move. Armed with a camera, a laptop or even a pen and pencil, these men and women look at the outdoors as a tapestry woven together by stories that need to be told. These disparate solo adventurers started like most; with a burning desire to put one foot in front of the other and explore everything. 

Nomads are wandering employees searching for the next piece of content in between sending routes and in the middle of whitewater rafting. Not everyone is cut out for a life of adventure and storytelling, but if you're interested, reach out to and find out. 

We're looking for passionate content creators with multi-media skills. That means writing, shooting pictures or video, and editing; any one of these is good, but the more the merrier. Good luck, we hope to see you on the trail Nomad.