About Sell News

Sell News’ partnership with Upventur came about at the tail end of 2017 because of a shared interest: to invest in, and protect the content that its users were uploading.

For Sell News, founded by CEO Slawomir Rybarczyk, the mission is to monetize the pictures and videos people take in their daily lives. Whether strolling through the beach or attending a large festival or concert, Sell News asks its users to capture those moments and upload it to the platform. With over hundreds of agencies using the platform, even the most mundane or innocuous image could, in turn, benefit the user with unexpected income.

Naturally, Upventur thought of its user base and how those images of the outdoors would be coveted by outdoor publications and gear or apparel companies, which is why the two companies joined forces. Users who opt in will barely notice the watermark on the bottom right corner of their images, but with a little luck and some patience that content could turn into a backpacking trip, or a wild ride down one of the Grand Canyon’s many rapids.

Unlike other content syndication services, which will remain unnamed, we do not take a huge cut of user’s profit. In fact, we do not take any of our user’s profit. On the contrary, we charge agencies a fee for using a user’s image, and it does not cost them anything to make a profile or have their images on our sites.

Don’t let your content go to waste or have others use it without paying you. Create an account today at Sellnews.com or here on Upventur.com and start making money.